Code Snippets

This area of the site lists the code snippets that can improve your knowledge of Python, and very often improve the efficiency of the code you write. Hugely valuable for pupils taking the OCR or AQA controlled assessments, in terms of describing techniques used, explaining why things work, etc. Also, the earlier these are brought into your teaching and learning, the more easily you can assimilate them as good habits.
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We're keeping a list of courses here so you can see what is on offer. We are always improving our courses - you'll get experienced, high quality tuition and very useful materials. Also, you can look at past courses - if you see one you would have liked to attend, but it has already taken place, you can email us to find out when it will be run again.
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Here, you'll find our recommended links, to python gurus who have inspired us; video links to excellent explanations of matters of interest; the best books; etc,. They follow a variety of themes...
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TCB team

Teach Coding Better was created by Clifford French, with help from Melissa Bustamante and Naushin Mirza, to respond to the growing number of teachers and pupils who have learnt to code - i.e. they can write code that runs, but who wish to improve the efficiency and elegancce of their code, bringing it up to the standards considered 'best practice' in the industry right now. This site focuses on Python.
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